The Day I Cried While Doing My Laundry

This morning I got up at my normal hour of 6am. I lay in bed until roughly 6:30 when I finally dragged my butt out of my mosquitero to lace up my running shoes. I am currently in training for the Punta Cana Half Marathon (you’re all more than welcome to fly down here and participate. It’s supposed to be beautiful, and an exude to come visit YOURS TRULY! as my Peace Corps service rapidly rounds out). I digress. I was lacing up my shoes when I heard a whisper at my front door,

“Jaime?! Jaime?! Estas listo? Ya nos vamos?”

“James?! James?! Are you ready? We go already?”


It was one of my sons, Frederick. I agreed that he could come running with me this particular morning (a special honor because I usually tell my boys that running is my alone time).


So Frederick and I hit the basketball court to run sprints for the morning. He lasted for about 0.1% of the sprint workout, but he was very content to sit cross-legged in the center of the court to watch me run circles around him.


I got home and immediately checked to see if I had water in the faucet. I did! So I set out to do some massive amounts of laundry. While my neighbor has a “washing machine”, I much prefer to do it by hand because that monster tears up my clothes worse than the rats do. So I got my buckets, bleach, detergent, chair, iPod/Speaker and set out washing.


I had forgotten, however, that I’d promised my neighbor/son, Jordy, that we’d try to make fishing poles this morning. So he pulled up a chair and I walked him through how I thought it would work best. He worked hard on the fishing pole and I continued washing/dancing to the music.


Then, this song came on my iPod:


I took a minute and was looking around. I kind of had this moment where I thought to myself, “This really is my home.” Everything is so normal. Everything is how I want it to be. It’s not always easy, I’m not always happy here, but honestly who’s always happy? Then my eyes started to tear up a bunch and I felt really embarrassed. I focused on my washing to avoid any further embarrassment. It was a really nice moment for me though.


The day only continued to get better from there…and to be honest, there was nothing special happening today. It was just a great day.


3 thoughts on “The Day I Cried While Doing My Laundry

  1. It is wonderful that this means so much to you and you feel it so deeply. You have a good heart and this part of your life will be with you and impact you forever. They have the gift of you to savor for years to come and your soul will be forever enriched by their love and reliance on you.

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